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1980 Triumph TR8 Convertible

€ 12900

Body Convertible
Odometer 89795
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Gold metalic
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leather and cloth
Steering Lhd
Californië import, in 1995 omgebouwd met Rover SD 1 V8 motor met 5 bak, met specificatie's zoals de originele TR8 V8 geleverd door Triumph. Besloten werd om de 8 cilinder V motor van Rover in de TR 7 te bouwen. Hiermee was in de ontwerpfase al rekening gehouden zodat er geen technische belemmeringen waren. De auto werd TR 8 genoemd en is alleen in de Verenigde Staten verkocht. Productieaantal van 1979 tot 1981: 2.722 stuks. The TR8 did not use Triumph's own single overhead cam V8 as found in the Stag due to its weight and service record but instead shared its Rover V8 engine with the Rover SD1. The engine itself was derived from an early 1960s Buick/Oldsmobile all-aluminum V8 215 cu in (3.52 L) that Rover acquired from General Motors in the mid-60s. History has shown this engine to be an extremely reliable, flexible, and robust powerplant, especially after BL developed a better manufacturing process. TR8s were initially fitted with twin Zenith-Stromberg carburetors. However, about 400 1980 models sold in California, all 1981 models---of which only 352 were produced including twenty carbed cars for the UK market---and all 1982 models (of which all seventy went to Canada featured a Bosch L-jetronic fuel injection system with a specially designed Lucas fuel injection computer (ECU). The carburetor model was rated at 133 bhp (99 kW; 135 PS) (at around 5000 rpm) and the fuel injected at either 137 or possibly 148 bhp[12] delivering 0�??60 mph times in the low 8 seconds. Other differences between the TR8 and TR7 are upgraded brakes, revised axle ratio (3.08:1 on the TR8 and all automatic TR7s), battery moved to the trunk (boot), alloy wheels, leather steering wheel and a few minor trim changes. Bedrijfsinformatie: Prijswijzigingen, druk- en zetfouten voorbehouden. Altijd ruim 500 auto's op voorraad, check de actuele voorraad via Volg ons ook op Bel ons voor de mogelijkheden voor inkoop, verkoop, consignatieverkoop en stalling. * Veilig online kopen @ * Levering aan huis mogelijk * Inruil mogelijk. Al onze autos staan met een zeer uitgebreide fotoreportage (60-100 fotos) online op
Prijswijzigingen, zet en drukfouten voorbehouden
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